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Where All Your Idols Come Alive !

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Where All Your Idols Come Alive !


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Marvel Mega Morphs Doc Ock -
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Marvel Mega Morphs Doc Ock


Doc Ock, the arch nemesis of New York’s favorite web-slinging superhero Spiderman, must not be short of cash in his attempts to thwart Spidey and take over the world. In this imaginative kit, we meet the Doc in 2" action figure form, nicely articulated and detailed, as he pilots a high-tech helicopter. There are propellers rotors that can be spun around, an enormous pincer arm, and a pair of spring-loaded missiles. But what really sets this copter apart from any other on the market is its ability to transform into an enormous robotic doppelganger of it’s pilot. In robot form, the larger Ock unit features a cockpit for the smaller Ock to operate it. We appreciated the imagination of this product as well as the relatively easy transformation from one state to the other using the included "Mecha PowerPack".--Charlie Williams

From the Manufacturer

Each unique Mega Morphs comes with a 2" articulated super hero who can only unlock his or her own MegaMorph using the included Mecha PowerPack. With the Command Cables connected to super her, kids can create their own exciting battles----or reenact the stories told in each mini-comic included with their machines. Every Package includes: 2" Super Hero, Transforming MegaMorph, Mecha PowerPack, Dedicated mini comic.